SmartScore X Midi Edition

SmartScore X Midi Edition 10.3

Turns printed or hand-written sheet music into MIDI files
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Digitizes scanned sheet music by saving it in the MIDI format. See the notations on the PC and listen to your musical creations.

SmartScore X Midi Edition is a program that allows to scan sheet music and turn them into MIDI files.
This way, just using the scanner you have attached to your system, you will be able to generate MIDI files that can be then played through the MIDI files that you have connected to them. Including your system´s sound card.

Smartscore X MIDI Edition can also open MIDI files and convert them to sheet music, or already scanned .TIF, .JPG, .BMP or .PDF files, and generate MIDI files from them. You can also load .NIF and .XML files. You will be able to select the part of the MIDI you want to see, assign them to a different instrument, or modify the MIDI file before saving it. You will be able to add instruments, add or delete parts, delete entire parts or anything you think it is required for the music to be like you want it to be.

The demonstration version will have some limits. It will scan up to 4 staves per system, but it will not allow you to print or save anything, and it will not recognize text, lyrics, TAB or percussion staves. The CD burning functions will not be available in the demo version.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows to generate MIDI files just scanning sheet music, or viceversa


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